The New York State Women's 600 Bowling Club organizes a Regional Tournament for our members each fall. The regional tournament begins in October and continues through mid-November. Dates vary by region. For the 2021 Tournament, Click here for a detailed list of the dates, bowling locations, and entry forms for each region.
The tournament is conducted with five divisions - determined by average, across eight regions of the state. The first and second place winners in each division in each region are eligible to compete for the State 600 Regional Championship upon entry into the NYSW 600 Bowling Club's Championship Tournament.
Tournament Divisions:     OPEN DIVISIONAverage 185 & higher
 DIVISION AAverage 175 - 184 incl.
 DIVISION BAverage 165 - 174 incl.
 DIVISION CAverage 155 - 164 incl.
 DIVISION DAverage 154 & lower
The tournament is open to all NYSW 600 club members. Membership may be obtained at the time of entry. Click here for a membership form.
Each year, the NYSW 600 Bowling Club organizes an Annual Tournament for our members.
Hosted by the Southern Tier Women's 600 Bowling Club, the 54th Annual NYS Women's 600 Bowling Club Tournament will take place on June 10-June 11, 2022, at Carousel Lanes in Binghamton, NY.
PLEASE NOTE: With ongoing Covid-19 concerns, it is possible that ALL participants will be expected to wear a mask at the Annual Tournament and the Annual Meeting. Please plan accordingly.
The 54th Annual Meeting will follow the tournament on June 12, 2022.
Click here to download complete tournament rules and this year's tournament entry form. Entries close on May 2, 2022, so don't wait and get yours in early!
Click here for a complete listing of events and lodging information for the annual tournament and the annual meeting reservation form.
NY State Women's 600 Bowling Club 3 Lakeview Drive Honeoye, NY 14471-9315
E-mail: Phone: 585.367.8394